Embracing Android

Happy New Year!  

During my background in the market, I have examined many emerging technologies and attempted to forecast future winners.   Following Is a CIO magazine post by 2007 where I tweaked my computing systems every month to rigorously examine Windows vs. Linux vs. OSX

From the late 2000’sI believed that Microsoft had misplaced its agility and concentrated on incorporating features which few people needed in the expense of usability.   I changed to Apple goods since the applications felt more functional, stable and secure.

Today, I am asking if Android and Chrome OS has got the equilibrium of usability and features that best fulfill my needs 2019.

I have transferred to my telephone to some Google Pixel 3 to help answer this question. I think about this like a toolbox that does not prompt me to embrace acts that I do not want.  

Among the greatest attributes is an easy merged reminders display which lets me scroll down in the surface of the display and watch every change which has happened since I picked up on the telephone – texts, email, program contacts, messages, and even calls.

The expressions are instinctive.     The browser is currently Chrome (functions everywhere with all ) and also the email client would be the exceptionally usable and secure Gmail customer

I have been impressed with all the performance of my own Android telephone that I chose to transfer my computing environment to Chrome OS and also Android also.   My Google Pixelbook arrives Friday and I will travel on it in India following week.

I am writing this with Gsuite.     My information is saved on Google Drive.   I am making my purchases using Google Pay.

All this is a fascinating experiment, but so far, it seems to me the future of health care IT seems goes to cloud hosted applications/services obtained from lean browser-based and mobile customers.   Android/Chrome OS may very well be these thin customers.

I will report on my adventures since they evolve.

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