Vanilla Cookie Smoothie

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Purple Smoothie Bowl

Call perhaps even ice cream or it curry. If you want vanilla, then you’ll love this!
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But sometimes, I crave that a very simple smoothie, particularly if I just need a snack rather than an entire meal. This Snickerdoodle Smoothie began the trend of placing Justin’s Vanilla Almond Butter within my grinder along with the combination of the vanilla butter vanilla brings out a cookie cutter taste. My treasured plant-based vanilla protein at this time is Arbonne’so which I purchased from my buddy Brett. It tastes like sweet cake! I’m a vanilla woman through and through.

Vanilla Cookie Smoothie

Smoothies include several million fashions today with greens, greens, bowls, blossom, hot pink, neon green, suspended, oat-based, and much more. 99 percent of the time that I love all of the variety and pleasure that has a great smoothie bowl. (similar to this 1 !!)

While I need a smoothie meal, then I split out all of the stops. Milk, apples, berries, vanilla, celery, protein, along with a scatter of seeds at the top! Eat it with a smoothie therefore your mind believes “meal. ”

The mix of almond butter and almond milk produce this smoothie flavor just like a cookiecutter.
Combine off!

What’s a smoothie fashion?

A Straightforward Smoothie That Tastes Just Like A Vanilla Sugar Cookie